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Soybean Meal

In 50kg/25kg PP/PE Export bags/big bags bulk in container(Package according to the customer’s requirements.

Items Requested in standard Result
Appearance Light yellow to light brown Conforms
Crude protein 46%  min 46.15%
Crude Fat 1.0% min 1.10%
Crude Fiber 3.0% max 2.20%
Moisture 10 % max 8.22%
Calcium 0.20%
Phosphorus 0.65%
Total amino acid 4.50%
Total Digestible Nutrients 73%  min 78.00%

Dry Matter: 89% Average
Crude Fat 0.5% Minimum
Crude Protein: 47.5% Minimum
Crude Fiber: 03.3% Maximum
Moisture 12.5% Maximum
Neutral Detergent Fiber: 07.1% Average
Acid Detergent Fiber: 05.3% Average
Ash: 1.5% Maximum
Calcium: 00.2% Average
Phosphorus: 0.65% Average
Total Digestible Nutrients: 78.0% Average
Anticaking Agent 0.5% Maximum
Net Energy-Lactation: 81.1 Meal/100 lbs. Average
Free of molding, chemicals, pests, or insects

Our Advantage;
1.high protein
2.quickly promote heathy and growth
3.enhance nutrition of poultry
4.soft powder and good texture from any rot odor