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Terms of Trade

All agreements made between us and the buyer must be confirmed in writing and sent via electronic mail (Email).

Our Terms of Payment shall also apply to all future transactions with the buyer which will be handled in either T/T or SBLC system of payment;

We operate using either Telegraphic Transfers (T/T) using MT103 system of payment or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) depending on client’s required product quantity;

With the T/T system of payment, all our clients are required to make a 50% T/T deposit is required against Invoice to activate your order while 30% T/T will be paid against booking confirmation and draft copies of shipping document then the balance of 20% T/T will be after you have received shipment at your destination port.
With the SBLC system of payment, We only accept this system of payment when the client’s purchase order cost is valued to be above a Million EURO/USD. In this case we will fully engage in the SBLC terms of payment and follow the standard procedure to get the SBLC SWIFT before shipment begins.