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Live & Frozen Mud Crab

10x1kg/block per carton.
Thermocool boxes
Storage: 24 months under -18 degrees

Well cleaned, no bad smell, No Black pad. Dry moisture percentage: less than 2%. 100% Fresh and frozen, Safe for human consumption.

Available in live and frozen

a). Shocked / Blasted at: minus 35 – 40C.
b). Storage at: minus 20 degrees Celsius.
c). Temp during Transportation: minus 18C.

Shelf life:18 months from production date.
Product Name: Crabs
Scientific name: Scylla serrata
Processing net weight: 70% – 100% N.W
Glazing: 30%
Fat content: 15% up
Style: Alive
Size: 250 – 300g up
Delivery detail: 1 weeks after confirming your order
30% female and 70% male for every shipment